SEO Basic Introduction – Get Organic Traffic

SEO Basic Introduction - Get Organic Traffic

SEO Basic Introduction – Get Organic Traffic

During the last few years, Digital Marketing becomes more popular among the youngsters. They choose digital marketing career as a profession. As digital marketing channels are so exciting and innovative, they can distract you from the basic SEO that can urge performance gains. You can take the example of click-through rate (CTR), which can provide you the performance gains.

In today’s world, your organic CTR can be influenced by various types of elements. You have to keep a closer look on the CTR factors and make necessary adjustments time to time. Have a look at the five main factors in your control:

1. SERP Ranking:

SERP Ranking, whose abbreviation is Search Engine Results Page Ranking matters a lot in the marketing industry. Every individual wants their website in the Position 1. If you thought that in reality there is so much different between Position 1 or position 10, Position 2 or position 5 or not, so the answer is yes. According to Nielsen Norman Group report, web users view the screen in F-shaped and spend most of the time looking at information that appears first in their system. According to this report, users mostly scanned the new web pages only they came across, only 16% users read word by word. So, it if your
website appears in the top position in SERP, then it will be beneficial for you.



Performance tips:

  • Be sure that your web pages contain meaningful subheadings and target keywords. Most of the user won’t read the content word by word. So, try to make your first two paragraph of your content well informative, that users will actually want to read about. Make your subheadings, paragraphs well informative and attractive to the users.
  • Try to achieve the topmost ranking for your web pages in the SERP, as this position can be proven beneficial for you. Focus on your organic strategy to develop the informative content, which can raise the chances of getting user attention or click.

2. Title tag:

A title tag is typically the text that appears as a blue link in the Search Engine Result Page. In other words, you can say that Title tag describes the title of your web pages. A page title plays an imperative role in the website traffic. If your title is good, it can attract more customers for you.

A page title is the main reason whether a searcher clicks on your page or not, and it has great power to break your organic CTR. So, create your title tag very carefully, take time to create the title tag in a perfect manner. You can add your targeted keywords in Title tag, it will be beneficial for you. By this, your keywords rank will improve, which is great for getting the user’s attention.

If your Title tag is 45 characters long, then it will remain safe from truncation. Generally, Google truncates the title that contains 65 characters or more. You can say, Title is something that is responsible to create the curiosity amongst people. Title acts as a voice of the brands, so make sure your brand voice should be impactful.

Performance Tips:

  • Consider the following things in mind, when you develop title tags for your web pages: Length of the title, selection of the word and query match.
  • To increase the Organic CTR, adjust your title tag according to the rules. One important thing that can provide you the organic traffic is that you should add your targeted keywords in Title tag.

3. Meta Description:

Meta description acts as a summary of your web page which helps users to understand what your content is about before they see it! Meta description doesn’t make directly impact on your website, but it is responsible for the click of the user. Never ignore the strength of meta descriptions for high priority pages.

If your meta description is 154 characters long, then it’s good, Google truncates the meta descriptions that exceed 160 characters. You can use your targeted keywords in the meta description, which can lead to the effective keyword ranking. You should think about use meta description as free advertising- by doing this, you can get your message out each time your listing is shown in the SERP. One important thing always keeps in your mind, sometimes Google doesn’t display the meta description in SERP, take the data directly from your web pages.

Performance Tips:

  • Some important things that you should keep in your mind before writing the meta descriptions are length of the meta description, choice of the word, Query match.
  • Never forget to add your targeted keywords in the meta description.

4. URL:

URL is another most vital area in SEO which can influence what is displaying in the SERP and can affect CTR also. A URLs is one which contains your domain name, path, and protocol and folders that are present on the website.

If your URL will be well organized, then it can help both customers and search engine to easily understand the webpages information. Your URLs should be not so much longer. User finds long URL not so interesting.

Performance tips:

  • The things you should consider while developing your URLs are as follows: breadcrumb navigation snippets, length of the URL, choice of the word and query match.
  • Make sure that your site follows a site hierarchy and organized folder structure that leverages to the various navigation tools like breadcrumbs and much more. Ensure your web pages are marking up with breadcrumb information for search engines.

5. Rich Snippets:

Rich snippets can boost your CTR very well. Rich snippets are something that can be used to define the structured data markup that site operates can be added to their HTML, which permits search engine to know about the present information in each web page.

In normal circumstances, when your website simply displays in the SERP, it shows meta title, URL and meta description. But when rich snippets employed in your website, Google is now able to show more content on your website, whether is about reviews, about products or about a business or much more.

Performance Tips:

  • Markup your all web pages or whatever pages you want with structured data markup. Take help from Google for knowledge about the various types of markup formats and types of content.
  • Test a particular page’s markup by using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool and also watch the preview of that how will be your page looking in the Google search results.

Surely, there are various new and exciting digital marketing tactics present in today’s world. You can use them, but be sure you cover your SEO Basic first that can optimize your CTR. Be smart, and keep your eye on CTR factors that must be in your contr0l, otherwise, do the wanted adjustments. It could help you to get some performance gains.

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