Tools And Parameters Of On Page SEO

Tools and parameters of On Page SEO

Tools and parameters of On Page SEO

On Page SEO refers to a key factor that plays an important role in the listing of your web pages in organic search results. Main parameters of On-Page SEO is to manage every page as a landing page on the basis of metadata and keywords. Have a look at some imperative parameters and tools of On Page SEO:

Focus on the one “Set of Keywords” per page.

On every page of the website, you need to target a particular “set of keywords” using close keyword or synonyms. Let’s take an example:

You want to set a specific keyword for an American real estate agent.

Search engine showing you the real estate agent in each city, so you can choose your keyword in 3 ways:

Real Estate agent [City, Name]
[City, Name] Real Estate Expert
Best Real Estate agent [City, Name]

After choosing the perfect keywords for your each web page, you can jump to the next part, including metadata optimization and URL optimization.

URL and metadata optimization on Google natural SERP

Firstly, optimized your metadata, including title tag and meta description. After that, keep your eye on URL optimization. Keep the length of your short, maximum of 5 words which must include the main targeted word.

Tools required:
Use URL rewriting tool which enables you to redirect a URL, index you breadcrumbs and use rich snippets.

  • Structure and content of a page: Your web page content is known as the heart of your website, which can act as an opportunity for the user. If your content is attentive and meaningful, so it can be proven beneficial for your website. Things to remember while optimizing your content are as follows:
  • Headers: Construct your content in different levels, such as in h1, h2, h3, h4 and don’t forget to include your keyword or their synonyms in content. You can use more than H1 tags on a page but always keep Matt’s cuts advice in mind. Use H1 tag only for your primary content not more than that.
  • Bullet point and paragraph: Always highlights the main point and use bullet point to show their importance.
  • Font: keep the focus on the organization and looks of your page. Adjust the font size according to your page content. Generally, standards advice having no more than 11 words wide. In graphics used, this refers to the 250-300 words.

Rich Content:

Remember, for making your website compatible with maximum no. of devices do not use flash. For embedding videos, you can use Dailymotion or youtube that provides you the better indexing. Do not use flash or load high optimized photos for mobile devices.

Tools used: For rotating the pictures, you can use the Javascript and for converting the SWF files to html5, you can use Swiffy:

Internal link structure:

It consists the following parameter to be followed carefully:

  • Anchor text: Anchor text refers to the clickable text in a hyperlink. Anchor text should be relevant to the page which you are linking to.
  • Vertical navigation to deep pages: do not forget to highlight your main pages and provide access to the deep content
  • Use shortcut links: you can use links to your web page in the content to improve the ranking of your keywords.

Don’t forget to index your pages on Google and Bing:

You must first submit your website to Google and Bing Search engine. In spite your website, you should index some other things on Google and Bing Search Engine also:

  • Sitemap: Sitemap is of two types, one is HTML or second one is XML. Html version is for users, but search engine crawls only XML version of the sitemap. So, create XML sitemaps, include URL in the robot.txt file and submit it to the Google and Bing Search engine.
  • Canonical tag: Canonical URL is one which is used to prevent the duplicacy in web pages. Do not forget to use Canonical tags in your on-Page.

Rich Snippets:

If the rich snippet is employed in your website, then Google can fetch the more information about your website which is beneficial for you. Google webmaster tool, hreview, hreview-aggregate are three main parameters that playa an imperative role in the implementation of Rich Snippets.Tool used: for checking the

The tool used: for checking the Rich snippets, you can use a tool whose link is given below:

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