What are the digital marketing trends for 2018?

Digital marketing going to be on top in 2018, so it important to know the latest trends in digital marketing in 2018.

1 – Facebook Chatbots- it can help you get much higher open rates and CTR.

2- Purpose-driven marketing- most of the sales focused marketing campaigns get FAILS because the customer has become smarter so we need to tell them WHY it is important.

3 – LinkedIn is going to be HUGE- it’s a professional storytelling platform and it has a bright future ahead.

4 – Live video- live videos are a great tool to build engagement.

5– Video- More than 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook every day we can take benefit of it through digital marketing.

6 – Social Advertising- it is a kind of “pay to play” but, you can get better results with the RIGHT strategy.

7- Virtual reality (VR)- a memorable experience that can be shared on social media.

8 – Employee Advocacy- invests more in tools and training to educate employees.

Best Digital marketing trends 2018 also include:

  •       Integrating marketing activities into the customer lifecycle
  •       The importance of personalization
  •       Digital transformation
  •       The growth in mobile and smartphone usage
  •       Customer engagement strategy
  •       Integrating different sources of data
  •       The future of AR in marketing
  •       Pansexual marketing
  •       Integrating social messaging apps
  •       SEO and content marketing integration
  •       Micro-moments
  •       Machine learning and marketing automation

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