Detoxifying Face Mask Edition: A Timeline of Madness

Detoxifying Face Mask Edition

The man, oh the man. I am amazed that I finally got a jar of it. According to the website, it does crazy things to your skin. Definitely a product that will allow you to get rid of those pores.

I’m not sure what this texture means. Did I spend $70 on a rancid face mask. It might have gone bad because of the pineapple. Oh well, I’ll still try it.

Honestly, it does not seem to do anything significant. Maybe I should add a little more. As a result of using the product incorrectly, I would not like to leave a bad review. What an embarrassment!

I think you are right. That’s fine! It will probably take me longer than the instructions say to let it sit on my face. Is there any harm in that?

Wow! It feels like I’m being sucked in. Bye-bye sebum! Until we meet again.

It’s starting to sting, and it’s not good. When does a little sting become overpowering?

Just a few minutes more and it should be dry. My skin seems so thirsty that I wonder if it is also pulling water from me. However, I am unable to drink water. If you can, please do so. No problem! We’ve saved the wood floor and some paper towels. The lesson is learned as well.

Twenty minutes have passed. I think it’s time to rinse.

Amazing! There’s a lot of stuff on there.

Warm water may be able to remove it.


Jesus, this stuff is as hard as cement.

Is it because it won’t wash away?

My nails will do. They look like paint chips.

The show is still on. This sponge may be useful. The baking pan worked with it.

How do I look now? Oh, yeah. Let me boil some water. As the extremely hot water softens the mask, it will insulate my face.

Google sure has a lot of burns remedies.

The only option that could be considered is to find a colony where all the women and men that are trapped inside facial masks can go to escape being seen by others in their hideous form.

If I choose to use this “facial mask removal” hack on Pinterest, I can do it.

I MADE A MISTAKE WITH the mayonnaise and hot sauce!

My eyes are burning from the hot sauce!

I will not leave the shower until all my scrubbers are clean.

Off we go! Having shaved my face with a cheese grater right now, it looks as if I have shaved my face with a cheese grater. However, my face is expected to look fabulous in the morning, according to reviews.

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